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Best Forex Broker / Trader

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The 10 top Forex brokers we have listed below are a subjective list and there in no particular order of best, as everyone will want slightly different services. There are no affiliate links to the brokers and we have chosen them on the following criteria:

Regulation, financial strength, how long they have been in business, the trading platform used, the reliability of the broker, competitive spreads the quality of customer service they provide.  We have provided a mix of locations and some brokers which take smaller deposits so whether your a new trader or experienced veteran, you will find a broker that right for you. The list is in no particular order and you can browse each company and then check them out – here is our list of top Forex brokers.


FXCM is regulated in numerous areas of the world including - The United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, and Germany and turns over, billions of dollars per month in Forex transactions. Its an ECN broker which has won numerous awards for its trading platform and charting tools.  One of the best trading platforms online and offers tight spreads and keen pricing and a good company for professional or novice traders.

FXCM Micro

FXCM Micro is another great forex broker from USA  that opened for business in 2008 and is of course an associated company of FXCM which is one of the biggest Forex brokers online. Designed for smaller traders, the company offers a reliable trading platform combined with tight spreads. A good broker for beginners you can get started with just $25, the minimum lot size is 0.01 lot but for small sizes, the pip spread is still tight at 1.5 pips on the majors.


Onada was formed  in 1996 by a computer specialist and an economist and the company has grown into an industry leader and is regulated with the NFA. This is a good company for new traders – there is no minimum deposit required and demo accounts, never expire so you can practice as long as you wish. You also get to trade custom lot sizes as well as tight pip spreads.

Global Forex Trading (GFT)

Global Forex Trading (GFT) is a  Division of Global Futures & Forex Ltd which started trading in 1997. The company is known for its innovative trading platform DealBook® FX which is seen as one of the best in the industry. The company is regulated with the NFA in the USA, FSA in the UK, as well as other regulatory bodies around the the world. One of the biggest brokers operating online - a trusted industry leader in FX trading.


A Swiss broker in business since 2004 and a member of ARIF (Swiss regulatory body). A well respected ECN Forex broker, with a reliable, fast execution of orders, combined with competitive  spreads which are at 0-1 pip on majors such as the EUR/USD.  This company is good   for  professional traders who have $50,000 or more to trade.


Owned by GAIN Capital Group a big broker which has been in business since 1999 and is seen as an industry leader. The company is regulated by, the National Futures Association (NFA) in the United States, Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK and is also regulated in the Far East with - the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia.  A reliable trading platform combined with fast accurate pricing and good spreads, have made this company popular with retail and institutional prices.


Owned by Alpari limited, this company has been in business since 1998 and is a good choice for both beginners and experienced FX traders and is a broker using the MetaTrader trading platform. Regulated in numerous jurisdictions worldwide including - the NFA in the USA and FSA in the UK. A good choice for novice or pro traders and has received lots of awards including best retail broker.


Saxobank is a Danish bank and has won numerous awards for its trading platform and service and being a bank you have the comfort of knowing its financially strong. The bank is based in Denmark and is one of the most popular banks used by retail traders to trade currencies online. Saxobank have won more awards than any other broker for their platform and they have account options and services, to suit both beginners and experienced professionals.

CMC Markets

CMC was the first web based FX broker and started business way back in 1989 and is still, an industry leader today. One of the most innovative and respected company's in the business which is based in London and regulated by the FSA. A n innovative platform, with fast executions and with spreads of just 0.7pt spreads on major currencies.


HY Markets is a division of the Henyep Group of companies who are registered and authorized  with several major financial investment regulators including - the FSA in London and regulated in the United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong. You can open an account with just $50.00 and spreads are 2 – 4 pips not the cheapest but a good broker, with worldwide presence, good trading platform and easy to deal with make this company popular with novice traders.

In Conclusion

There are no affiliate links above, as we don't gain rebate commissions for recommending any of the companies above so its an unbiased list. If you are looking for the top Forex brokers, there is no single one which is the best for everyone but top 10 brokers above, are companies that are all well respected, regulated, financially sound, good pip spreads, innovative trading platforms with fast accurate price information, accurate order execution, combined with tight dealing spreads. We are sure, one of the brokers on our list will help you achieve your goals when trade global FX markets for profit.


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